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The purpose of this area is to provide feedback from SAPHIRE users about the software.

SAPHIRE User Comment
Philippe Hessel

Atomic Energy Control Board, Canada

On printing large fault trees...

The printer we use is a HP-DesignJet-650C, plotting on 30" wide paper rolls. This kind of large plotter is generally found in R&D part of companies, where it is used to print large flowsheets and blueprints.

Such large size printing is great for us, who do not produce any models, but have to review licensees' models. It is quite easier to check and understand a fault tree when you get the whole tree on a wall...In that way, the fault tree becomes really a communication tool.

John Darby

Los Alamos National Laboratory

On SAPHIRE for Windows...

Your windows version of SAPHIRE is a wonderful product. I have always been a big fan of IRRAS (DOS version) because of the power of the tool and the integration of data, fault trees, event trees, uncertainty analysis and reports. SAPHIRE has added numerous features and is a true windows application with all the advantages of memory management and consistent interfaces (dialogs, printing, etc.).

This is an industrial strength tool; about 7 years ago we used IRRAS to completely perform the shutdown risk analysis of Grand Gulf for the NRC- a very large and complicated set of event and fault trees- and SAPHIRE adds even more power.

It is a remarkable product that allows the user to do a complete, detailed quantitative risk analysis on a PC!

After looking at the latest trial version of SAPHIRE for one day we ordered five copies and plan to order more.

It is the most important tool that I have for risk analysis.

Thank you for this top quality product.

Curtis Smith, INEEL

On sensitivity analyses...

...a note to acknowledge the role that SAPHIRE, and developers, played in our responds to a customer's request.


REVIEW: On Friday, our customer urgently requested that we help them resolve an issue that had surfaced. Our customer needed core damage frequency (CDF) sensitivity estimates based upon industry risk assessments for four or five systems (depending on the plant type) using full PRA models.

Over the course of a few hours on Friday and Saturday, I was able to produce results for 104 cases using two full-plant PRA models.

I utilized numerous productivity features in SAPHIRE to make the analysis happen. For example, the MAR-D load and import feature was used to quickly construct the "input decks" for each analysis. Also, the "slice-n-dice" feature was used to quickly sort through cut sets to not only obtain CDF results but to provide a quick QA check of the results. And, lastly, the fact that SAPHIRE can generate cut sets very quickly was obviously a plus. On reflection, it is incredible that we could perform over a hundred complex PRA calculations (from scratch) with only 10 hours (less than 6 minutes per calculation!).

Consequently, given that SAPHIRE made the INEEL shine, I would like to thank the entire code development team. Thanks Ken, Ted, Carol, and Kellie!