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Recent Changes to SAPHIRE

The purpose of this area is to provide information and testing data related to revisions of the SAPHIRE software. Posted to this page will be information on our automated test results for released versions of SAPHIRE.

Change Details
SAPHIRE Test Results
(Version 6.x)
The SAPHIRE automated testing results may be found here.
Results for Version 6.63  .PDF <572 Kb>
Cut Set "Slice" Feature A novel feature, the cut set "slice" option allows one to quickly subdivide a list of minimal cut sets into a subset for further quantification or review. This subset may be defined in terms of (1) applicable basic events, (2) total number of cut sets, or (3) a new probability/frequency truncation level.
Fault Tree Editor Modification The graphical fault tree editor now functions such that text and the graphic symbol operate as a single entity.
Improved Random Number Generator The built-in random number generator was modified based on the recommendation of Fishburn and Moore (Journal of the American Statistical Assocation, 1982, Vol. 77, pp. 129-136).
Fault Tree Probabilities
(Version 6.x and above)
The graphical fault trees have the option to display the basic event probabilities next to basic events. To access this feature, load the tree using the graphical editor and then select the "View --> Preferences" Option from the pull-down menu. Check the "Show Probabilities" box.
Windows Meta-File Graphical Support
(Version 6.x and above)
Fault tree and event tree graphics can be output as Windows metafiles (.WMF) or Windows enhanced metafiles (.EMF). To access this feature, select the "Reports" option and then select "Fault Tree --> Graphic" or "Event Tree --> Graphic." Choose which graphics to output and click the "Export" button. You will now be given the option to output the graphic(s) as .WMF or .EMF files.
Cut set comparison tool (CSCT)
(Version 6.x and above)
The CSCT allows comparison of two sets of cut sets. SAPHIRE can tag cut sets that are (1) only in the new (current case) list, (2) unchanged (in both lists), or (3) in the original (base case) list.
Macro scripts
(Version 7.x and above)
The macro scripts allow a user to automate many of the functions built into SAPHIRE.