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The purpose of this area is to display the Release Notes about the latest release of SAPHIRE for Windows software.

***** 05/10/2016 Version 8.1.4 Build 0 *****

New Capabilities

Bug Fixes

New Reports


New Capabilities

1. Added ability to clear the current case for all results of the selected event tree(s)/sequences regardless of the model type and phase.

2. Added ability to update the nominal case for all results of the selected event tree(s)/sequences regardless of the model type and phase.

3. Flag Set List - Added functions to show the user unused flag sets and allow the user to delete unused flag sets.

4. Cross-reference on events - Now distinguishes where the event is used in the fault trees. Separate lists now say Fault Tree (Logic/Rules) and Fault Tree (Cut Sets) to remind users where the events are really used.

5. Cut Set Viewer and Editor - Added ability to limit cut sets that are applicable to model type/phase pair.

6. Added a new seismic model type 'J'- Mean Fragility which is very similar to the 'H' model type.

7. MAR-D - Added 2 new types, BERW (Basic Event 'R' Wide) and BECW (Basic Event Compound Wide) that have all the BER and BEC file information, but extract it to one line for easy manipulation in an editor or spreadsheet. The Load also reads it from the one line as well.

8. View Summary Results - Caption now reflects the selected items.

9. Bookmarks - Added ability on advanced bookmarks to turn regular expression usage on or off. This makes it a little more user friendly.

10. Bookmarks - Added ability to search sequence logic for selected fault tree names.

11. Change Set and Flag Set Editors - Improved the quick search capability and added the ability to use key strokes (Home/End) to move to the top or bottom of the lists.

12. Main Form Left Hand Lists - Added ability to use key strokes (Home/End) to move to the top or bottom of lists.

13. Cross-Reference - Double clicking most items will open the default editor for that object. It works for event trees, fault trees, basic events, end states, model types, and histograms as well as project rules.

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Bug Fixes

1. The partition end state map was not being reset when solving event trees/sequences. This was fixed.

2. Using the wrong cross-reference map allowed the code to delete basic events that were used in change sets and flag sets. A recover/rebuild would then add dummy rebuild events to plug the holes. This was fixed.

3. Using the wrong routine to count the histograms used by a change set was confusing the cross-reference dialog. This was fixed.

4. The end state-basic event cross reference was not quite right. This was fixed.

5. Complemented house events in the fault tree editor were not showing the right value. House event "True" now shows up as "False" when it is complemented.

6. Uncertainty analysis on convolution events could have an error on 'R' calculation type sub-events. This was fixed.

7. Uncertainty analysis on was incorrectly expanding the events in an uncertainty run to include all the model type/phases instances even if the event was not applicable to that model type/phase. This works better now.

8. Event Tree Linking - Generating cut sets from the sequence logic was not setting the correct model type/phase mask on the cut sets. This was fixed.

9. Online help - Changed the link to the correct file name for Load/Extract help file.

10. Basic Event Editor - Failure model 'S' template event information was not being retained in the model type/phase instances. This was fixed.

11. Edit Cut Sets - End state importance was not being calculated correctly. This was fixed.

12. Event tree editor - Copying a branch would not copy the transfer status correctly. This was fixed.

13. Event tree editor - Copy a branch was not inserting a branch at the right place under certain circumstances. This was fixed.

14. Event tree editor - Transfers were not being displayed properly in the transfer combo box. This was fixed.

15. MAR-D - Fixed a bug that prevented Event Tree Logic (ETL) files from being loaded properly from network drives.

16. MAR-D - Reordered the Export and Load categories to ensure functionality and made sure that read-only project can only export.

17. Rule Editor - The Search/Replace Dialog was not showing up properly in the rule editor. Reworked the code to make sure it works properly.

18. SPAR Reports - A2 report could exceed the max length of an RTF cell (2048 characters). The code now creates another row and continues the RTF cell.

19. SAPHIRE Macros - Sometime the export of basic event information would not work properly. There was a subtle difference between exporting all MAR-D basic event information versus selected basic event information. This was fixed.

20. SAPHIRE Macros - Cleaned up the various truncation options on solving. It works much better now.

21. MAR-D - Loading (parsing) of Change Set Information was easily confused. This was been improved.

22. Basic Event Editor - Improved the functionality of code when adding or removing model/phase applicability for initiating events.

23. Basic Event Editor - When saving an event with 'G', 'H', and 'J' calculation types, the median/mean value was being stored in the wrong field. This was fixed.

24. User Settings - Users would type in the number of sig. digits for reports, but the code was not reading them correctly. Now we force the user to use the combo box to ensure that the software gets the value the user wanted.

25. Publish - Vertical Bars ('|') in some of the report names don't work when trying to write the reports to disk. Clean up of these report names makes it work better. The '|' is replaced with '_'.

26. View Summary Results for Event Trees/Sequences - Changed to show the sequence logic instead of sequence descriptions. Sorted results were off a little because it used the wrong index. That was fixed.

27. Importance Measures - Fixed the caption to reflect the selected items that the importance measures are for. This makes the reports more insightful.

28. Solve/Gather cut sets - If solve/gather option was selected, but no items were selected, the solve results would not be updated to let the user no that the software was waiting for input. This was confusing users. It is better now.

29. Edit Cut Sets - Origin Expansion - The last sequence in a list was not showing its children cut sets. This was fixed.

30. End state Quantification - End states that were gathered from sub event trees have no defined initiating event. This wasn't being handled very well. It works better now.

31. Project Edit - Major and minor version fields were allowing users to enter invalid strings. The user interface now limits the input from the users to be just what the software can store.

32. Event Tree Properties Edit - Large complicated models were very slow when the user was trying to edit the event tree properties. This was sped up significantly.

33. Edit Change Sets - Fixed a problem where editing a class change could cause an access violation.

34. Importance Measures - Now handles the rare event or min cut upper bound calculation correctly.

35. Flag Set Editor - Now shows the full basic event name (with model type/phase) so the user knows what he is changing.

36. Change Set/Flag Set Editor - Sets with multiple model type/phases would confuse the software and cause an access violation. This has been fixed.

37. User Settings - Fixed a problem with the constants (specifically mission time) not being set correctly.

38. Model Type/Phase Display in many forms were not showing an accurate check box. If only one phase is available, the state will be checked. This should remove some user confusion.

39. Generating Current Event Data - If an event is not susceptible to the model type/phase, the template link is cleared. This cleans up a seemingly random application of template events.

40. Event Tree Editor - First time in Editor would rarely go into a loop when opening the editor. Problem was solved.

41. Fault Tree Editor - Improved the functionality of the fault tree save function. Gates that exist already, but are not used in any other fault tree can be added to a fault tree.

42. Importance Measures - Which uncertainty method (Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube Sampling) was used to perform the uncertainty distribution on the importance measures was not representative of the users' choice or the default choice. An uninitialized variable is now initialized properly.

43. Cross-Reference - Fixed a bug when detecting which inputs where used in any gate.

44. Convolution - Models created with previous versions of SAPHIRE saved the name of the convolution events in an ".ini" file. For project level convolutions, we need the unique internal number of the convolution saved so the user is free to change the name as needed. These changes clean up the ".ini" file and make this all work as designed.

45. MAR-D - When loading event tree attributes, if the initiating event of the event tree is not marked as an initiator, the software was displaying a message regardless of the display warning status. This was fixed to work properly with the display warning status.

46. ECA Workspace - Made sure that the software handled new ECA and existing ECA reports properly. It was sometimes confused whether it was new or existing. It is much better now.

47. SDP Workspace - Advanced Report was not displaying derived events (from RASP full-detail events) properly with the correct failure probability. This was fixed.

48. SDP Workspace - Made sure that the software handled new SDP and existing SDP reports properly. It was sometimes confused whether it was new or existing. It is much better now.

49. General Workspace - Made sure that the software handled new and existing reports properly. It was sometimes confused whether it was new or existing. It is much better now.

50. General Workspace - Software was not remembering the selected fault trees and end states when choosing what operation to perform. This was fixed.

51. General Workspace - Made sure that the end states can be marked or unmarked in a group like the event trees and fault trees.

52. General Workspace - Uncertainty options on the pop-up menus are better labeled to help the user understand better.

53. Use of uninitialized variable was making uncertainty reports for basic events erratic. This was fixed.

54. Added a check to the Rebuild/Recover process to ensure that a basic event did not have the primary or alternate name of ''. The event is renamed to 'DUMMY-RBLD-XXX'. That event's existence caused problems when looking at the summary tab for any modified event.

55. Some compound events or 'R' type events would not show an uncertainty plot in the summary page. A wrong internal event number for the main event was the problem. This was fixed.

56. Some complex events (Compound or 'R') were getting a new calculated probability, but not retaining it to be saved. This was fixed.

57. Fixed the Fault tree Graphics Reports to work properly with the preview properly.

58. Dynamic flag sets were not saving their event cross-reference map properly when they are saved. This was fixed.

59. Convolution Events were becoming confused after change sets were applied. The current event value would incorrectly be set to 1.0. This was fixed.

60. End Rule Section was not working with the convolution and RASP keywords. This was fixed.

61. MAR-D Load of GTA files was not skipping the * comment lines. This was fixed.

62. After an SDP Workspace was created and saved, the next time "New SDP" was selected, the previous SDP would show up. This was fixed.

63. After an SDP Workspace was created and saved, the Advanced SDP Reports would show 0.0 for the value of the CCDP and CDP. This was fixed.

64. After an SDP Workspace was created and saved, the Advanced SDP Reports would not show the Changed Basic Event lists properly. This was fixed.

65. Cross-references - If a child node is highlighted and its grandparent is collapsed, the node would collapse and then re-expand. This was fixed.

66. View Cut Sets - When viewing and slicing a large group of cut sets (almost a million), sometimes the software would just stop running and ask the user to terminate the executable. This was caused by a stack overflow. This was fixed.

67. MAR-D Load of Change Sets was not resetting the event change set cross reference map. This was fixed.

68. Project Check - Fault tree post-processing rules had an uninitialized variable that would cause a range error. This was fixed.

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New Reports

1. Added a new basic event description report.

2. Added ability to show the quantile reports from the view summary dialog.

3. Change set reports now shows the model type/phase of each basic event.

4. Added Phase and Model Type Reports.

5. Added new reports to display uncertainty plots (CDF, PDF) for current and nominal results of fault trees, sequences, and end states. Added reports to display the nominal plots for project level results.

6. Added the FT Graphical Hierarchical report.

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Upgrades to meet existing or changed requirement documents

1. Event tree linking - Mutually exclusive top function was not working. This was fixed.

2. Cut Set Viewer and Editor - The ability to apply slice rules to cut sets was not working. This was fixed.

3. Basic Event Editor - Changed the failure model to be the 1st character of the string to make editing easier. User can now type the calculation type (failure model) character to fill in the dialog.

4. SPAR Reports - Renamed the EE SPAR Reports to be J SPAR reports.

5. Report publish - Widened the left hand panel to show more of the longer report names.

6. SPAR Reports - Set the number of significant digits to 3 on J reports.

7. User Settings - Can now save (User Settings) as the default for all successive projects that are created.

8. SAPHIRE macros now work to solve/gather on multiple phases. Added to make Test 86 work properly.

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